Market-leading connection across all industries

With each new industry we help to serve, we quickly see how embracing language diversity empowers both customers and organisations alike.

Citizen services

As the trusted language service provider for multiple departments and levels of government, we serve agencies of all sizes. Clear messaging, unrivalled security and on-demand access to expert language practitioners means that you’re always heard and understood.


The insurance industry relies on trust. By giving customers the option to communicate in their native language, you can increase that trust. We work with some of New Zealand's biggest names in insurance to help them connect with and empower their customers.

Utilities and energy

All New Zealanders require access to essential services like power, gas and water. Connecting Now lets you serve your migrant customers better and engage them in their native language and channel of choice.


New Zealand's telecommunications industry overwhelmingly chooses Connecting Now for our faster service times and lower costs. We are known for reliably delivering industry solutions in any language when you need it most.


Accessing interpreters when you need them, 24/7, via video or phone improves your compliance, enhances operational efficiencies, increases care coordination, achieves better clinical outcomes and reduces your overheads.


Connecting Now understands that legal translation work, such as affidavits, is sensitive and requires precision of language to ensure that it is technically correct. Communication of these matters is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Unlock meaningful connections with your customers.