Multilingual IVRs

Enhance your service offering, empower your customers

Our intuitive, expert multilingual Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, solutions allow customers to self-serve and connect with you faster and in-language.


Record specific messages about your services in multiple languages. Then your customers can just dial a dedicated number and select their required language to hear it. Our self-service IVRs allow your customers to listen to tailored, pre-recorded messages in the language of their choice, 24/7.

Customised for you

Our engineers develop your multilingual IVRs based on your scope of work. Hosted on our network, they allow you to extend your service into any language you need. Depending on what your business requirements are, we help you customise solutions for maximum efficiency, zero hassle and continuous productivity.

Customer empowerment

Our self-service solutions allow migrant customers to drive their own experience and communicate in a way that works for them.

Your brand, your voice​

Our multilingual IVR solutions can be tailored to match your brand tone and voice, allowing you to better connect with customers in whatever language they speak.​

On-demand reporting

Access real-time business intelligence reporting to track usage at any time.

24/7 support​​

Our professional products, services and customer support is available whenever you need it most.​

Cost effective communication

No annual subscriptions are required - just pay for what you use when you use it.​

Omni-Channel Solutions

We've provided omni-channel solutions for companies in the retail, non-profit, and government sectors, among others.

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